COVID-19 Vaccines and Fertility

I’m searching for a good home for this piece, but in the meantime I think the information needs to get out! So, I’m dusting off this old blog. The group I have seen most hesitant about taking the new COVID-19 vaccines is women of reproductive age who care about their fertility. I’d like to (1)… Read more COVID-19 Vaccines and Fertility

Crossing over

The Romance of Meiosis

Another entry in the Woven Together series talking about the fascinating development of a little person. This series deviates from the main content of the blog – how things go wrong – to tell how things go right. I hope you enjoy! Meiosis. This word probably conjures up memories of high school biology class where… Read more The Romance of Meiosis

West Nile FAQ

If you missed it, I appeared on a recent episode of Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me.  I’ve had a bunch of questions from friends about the episode and my experience, so I’m posting some answers here.  (Plus, it’s a great venue for my philosophizing about my illness.)  I’ll continue to update this page if more… Read more West Nile FAQ

UTI – Bacteria Invasion

I’ve somehow made it through 5 stories without talking about one of the most famous pathological agents… bacteria.  It’s time. Bacteria ((Bacteria is plural, bacterium is singular (because it’s a Latin neuter noun).  Now you can sound like a nerd.)) are incredibly different from us.  We are more closely related to dinosaurs, roses, mushrooms, and even slime molds than… Read more UTI – Bacteria Invasion


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